Why would you buy shitty storage?

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Hard disk

Here is a thought: Have you ever cringed at the high prices of storage devices and went for a cheaper alternative? Many I know have done this, myself included, and of course regretted it after they lost their family photographs.

Crime and encryption

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We just witnessed an attack in London, UK by terrorism. Thus, again, encryption is under attack.

Minimal to the max

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Without technology, you probably wouldn’t be a minimalist.
Consider this: When I was born, cameras and phones was two different products that you bought separately. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine a phone without one. Most people don’t carry around big DSLRs anymore, and while I have an old Canon EOS 450D that I’ve had since I was 13 years old, I simply do not need it anymore. It still takes great pictures with its standard issue lens, but my Galaxy S7 is the one I use 99% of the times I take a picture.

Review: Pebble 2 HR

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I got the Pebble 2 HR in the mail a week ago. My first impression is this: It works. The Pebble smartwatch started out as a Kickstarted project back in April 2012. From the initial plastic construction they went to first a metal based one and then to one that was round rather than rectangular. I rather like the rectangular shape of the Pebble 2 and I don’t feel the need for a colour display, thus the choice was simple.

Nintendo Switch: Another Gimmick?

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UPDATE The Nintendo Switch is released, and I bought it! Read more about my impressions and why it is NOT a gimmick here! So it is finally revealed. The rumored Nintendo NX is finally a reality in the form of the new console “Nintendo Switch”. What is so special with this console? Well, it is in the name. The Nintendo Switch will be, according to the video from Nintendo, a portable and dockable console that features wireless controllers that may also be docked into the console itself.