Review: Pebble 2 HR

3 minute read Published:

I got the Pebble 2 HR in the mail a week ago. My first impression is this: It works. The Pebble smartwatch started out as a Kickstarted project back in April 2012. From the initial plastic construction they went to first a metal based one and then to one that was round rather than rectangular. I rather like the rectangular shape of the Pebble 2 and I don’t feel the need for a colour display, thus the choice was simple.

Jot Pro by Adonit

2 minute read Published:

After a while with my new tablet, I got really tired of the terrible rubber tips that is featured in most stylus products today. Not only are they often one of the most terrible phone apparel you can buy, but they are not in any way good either. A week ago I got a new stylus; the Jot Pro from Adonit. According to Adonit it is supposedly going to feel like using a real pen.