Uber is here to stay

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I love riding with Uber, but mainly because I can. Taxi services in Poland, where I live, are rather cheap. Still, Uber is much cheaper and better than other similar services in the area. In addition, most of the drivers speak English. How can a taxi company have such good service and still be at a more comfortable price level?

Why VR will be mobile

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Girl riding a bike while in VR

I think that virtual reality, VR for short, will be mobile. At least for most people. This is a pretty bold statement, and there are some exceptions, but I have my reasons to believe it is true.

Why would you buy shitty storage?

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Hard disk

Here is a thought: Have you ever cringed at the high prices of storage devices and went for a cheaper alternative? Many I know have done this, myself included, and of course regretted it after they lost their family photographs.

7 must have accessories for the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch

I have used the Nintendo Switch for a couple of weeks now, and I can truly say that it is an amazing device. However, these accessories will make the life of the daily “Switcher” so much more awesome.

Nintendo Direct 12.04.2017

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Nintendo Direct 12.04.2017