New MX Master 2S leaked!

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MX Master 2S Leaked!

This afternoon, I came across something awesome tweeted at me today. Apparently, the new version of the MX Master mouse by Logitech (or “Logi” if you will), called the MX Master 2S was leaked. It appeared on the Norwegian tech store called “Lefdal”, as well as “Elkjøp”.

EDIT 2: The leak was true and confirmed by Logitech themselves. More information on Logitech’s website.

EDIT: It seems like another mouse, the MX Anywhere 2S is also going to be released. On the same pages, “Lefdal” and “Elkjøp”, it comes up among the listings. Pictures of this mouse are added to the article.

It features new colours, graphite, midnight green and light grey.

A new impressive DPI (dots per inches) sensitivity at 4000 DPI, as opposed to the maximum of 1600 DPI in comparison to the old one, is added to both the MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S. This could offer improvements for those who wants to push their accuracy in both gaming and creative work alike. It’s important to note that the claim that higher DPI is giving better performance is, allegedly, subjective. I like the feel of a high DPI mouse, and I guess there are others out there with the same opinion.

The MX Master 2S also features the new logo, being the change to the “Logi” instead of the retro sounding name “Logitech”.

Apart from these spare bits of information from the “Lefdal” site, there is not really any information on it. Logitech’s own website says nothing about it, and I have seen no other information about it elsewhere. As far as I have seen, no other person has heard about this before either. It was really quite the surprise.

The previous model, the MX Master, was released in May 2015 so it seems like the timing is perfect for an update. It seems to be about twice the price, from $99 to $199, and it will be in stores June 14th 2017.

In the listing, they also mention a software called “Logitech Flow”, that seems to enable you to copy and paste text, images and files between three different computers. I tried to find information about this software, but so far, I think this is the first place to mention it.

Battery life has also been improved. Logitech lists 40 days for the current MX Master, while the listings on “Lefdal” and “Elkjøp” site lists it as 70 days.

Here are some of the pictures of the new MX Master 2S that was found along the listing on “Lefdal”:

MX Master 2S Graphite

MX Master 2S Midnight green

MX Master 2S Light grey

MX Master 2S on desk

Here are some of the pictures of the new MX Anywhere 2S that was found along the listing on “Lefdal”:

MX Anywhere 2S Graphite

MX Anywhere 2S Midnight green

MX Anywhere 2S Light grey

Here are some screen shots of proof that it is probably not an incorrect listing on the mentioned sites.

Screen shot of MX Master 2S listings from Google

Screen shot of MX Master 2S listing from Amazon

I will update this article when more information about the MX Master 2S is released.