Jot Pro by Adonit

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After a while with my new tablet, I got really tired of the terrible rubber tips that is featured in most stylus products today. Not only are they often one of the most terrible phone apparel you can buy, but they are not in any way good either.

A week ago I got a new stylus; the Jot Pro from Adonit. According to Adonit it is supposedly going to feel like using a real pen. The reason for this is the plastic disc (maybe acrylic from the look of it?) is guiding the stylus in a much more frictionless manner. It also features dampening of the tip, possibly to emulate the feel of paper yielding under the weight of your pressure on a standard pen. The stylus is encased, in my case, in metal that has a black and smooth finish apart from the textured part that is supposedly to enhance grip. It has a cap that protects the disk when it’s not in use, which is neat. It is also compatible with every capacitive touch screen.

Function wise, there is nothing really bad to say about this unit. It does its job, and it does it well. The motion is smooth and natural after getting used to it. The nibs are also replaceable if needed.

I even got my anatomy teacher interested in this unit so much that he now use it during every lecture.

Although the design is quite clean, it really annoys me that they absolutely have to place both the name and their logo in addition to the product name on it. I mean, if you are spending over £20, plus a ridiculous price tag for the shipping, for a stylus that is not pressure sensitive or has any functionality apart from being a stylus, most people are going to know what they are using. One simple logo is enough. I’m not a too big fan of the texturized finish on the distal part of the pen, but I do think that is highly subjective so I will let that pass.

All in all, it is a good product that lives up to its promise. Just be careful to have a clean screen, as the stylus may scratch the screen if small gritty particles are stuck under it and dragged along the screen.