I love my Kindle

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Kindle Paperwhite

There are few things I love more than information and good stories. The problem is, reading on a screen all day in a chair is not the nicest way to do so. Kindle to the rescue!

Things vs. concepts

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I have been thinking lately on the different interpretations of minimalism.

Some just throw everything out the window, sleep on the floor and leave it like that. Some embraces technology and leave everything they know and become a digital nomad, just like Josh Habdas from Hack Cabin.

Crime and encryption

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We just witnessed an attack in London, UK by terrorism. Thus, again, encryption is under attack.

Metric time

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Metric time from The Simpsons

A few years ago, I stumbled upon something when I was reading about the French revolution. It is called “metric time”.

Nintendo Switch and the future of handheld gaming

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Nintendo Switch

This week I got my first handheld gaming device. Which is also a console. Which is confusing. Which is the Nintendo Switch.