Metric time

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A few years ago, I stumbled upon something when I was reading about the French revolution. It is called “metric time”. In a nut shell, it is a system that divides days into tens and hundreds, instead of the messy clock that we have today that comprises of 60 and 24. At first I did not pay much attention to the system. The only apparent difference is how easy one may calculate with time.

Nintendo Switch and the future of handheld gaming

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This week I got my first handheld gaming device. Which is also a console. Which is confusing. Which is the Nintendo Switch. A while ago, I published an article about how the Nintendo Switch looked like a gimmick. While the first impression where based on all the material I could find at the time, and thus not completely accurate as I know more about the device now, I must say I do not agree with my first impression.

Vault 7

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On March 7 2017 Wikileaks released a lot of secret documents that now goes by the name Vault 7. This is a quick summary of the most important things to know and what to do. What you should NOT be afraid of No, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp is not “compromised” per se. However, if you are on a device that is not up to date, obviously, security holes exist. A compromised the device makes all the encryption in the world unnecessary, as the information may be stolen even before it is sent.

Teddy sees you

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Have you ever gotten creeped out by dolls? How about teddy bears? If it has, this is going to make that fear even greater. We have smart devices around us everywhere. Many of such smart devices are equipped with sensors such as accelerometers and microphones. Whereas some sensor may be harmless to your privacy, like an ambient light sensor, a microphone is another story. Your phone might be recording you right now for all that you know.

Pewdiepie, the media and political correctness

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The last weeks have been chaotic, to say the least. If you are involved in the YouTube community, you have probably felt it. Pewdiepie, real name Felix Kjellberg, got accused of anti-Semitism after publishing a video using the service “Fiver”. He jokingly made some on the service make a video showing a sign saying, “Death to all Jews” while laughing and saying “subscribe to Keemstar”, ridiculing what people might do and say for five dollars.